When we come into the world, we are perfect. Before we are burdened by fear, pain and ego, we are all great. Yes, even Donald Trump. And though he has clearly followed an unfortunate path into megalomania, he’s still a human being. A father and a husband. A leader and a maker. With will and perseverance. Strengths that can benefit all of us, if only his weaknesses take a back seat. So this is a project to help Donald defeat those weaknesses. It starts with each of us visualizing (yep, visualizing) how great he might become. So that Donald himself may begin to feel that energy and figure it out on his own. This may sound crazy, or seem like a joke. But we must act. Even if “only” by hoping, wishing and wanting. So check out this gallery. Focus on the images depicting the Donald we want. Then share the ones you like so these seeds can spread. It’s worth a try. He just might feel this.